Saying, don’t call yourself that it’s an experience It feels constitutive Even if it’s not self itself It still feels constitutive Porn I didn’t want This I want But I also want to not feel well maybe I don’t want it So maybe it’s not constitutive

I can feel, I am a creation but child doesn’t really feel like anything

What is that supposed to do for me What is that supposed to do to me Assuming me is whatever I want it to have an effect on In which case I should say which experience will it affect

Saying it assumes I feel limited or boxed in or that I don’t see myself as great I accept fun labels or adjectives. I find some things constitutive of me, but I hesitate to call myself things because I don’t believe that any word or thing could have an interpretation strong enough to describe the state of being in it’s whole that is me. Perhaps the reason I don’t get it is because I’m already in a fine place. I see myself as indescribably valuable and while I may think to myself, I am stuck with this attitude or character trait it’s ridiculous to assume that that’s all I believe I am, as if my whole conciousness is focused on that object and I can’t see any other part of myself. As if that object is even on the same level as me myself, the person.